Dvorák: Overtures / Hrusa, Prague Philharmonia

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Label: PentaTone
Catalog: PTC5186532
Format: SACD / CD Hybrid


Antonin Dvorak’s overtures are comparable in length and form to the first movement of a symphony. The pieces were written with the intention of preceding a performance of a spoken play or opera. The works on this recording, however, begin to show a transition away from the preceding purpose and toward full independence, each overture expressing a story or scene rather than anticipating what is to follow.; My Home was originally performed as an overture to a play in 1882. The play however, fell out of the repertoire, but the overture has lived on.; The Hussite Overture from 1883 was written with the intention of preceding a play which was never completed, but again, the overture survived.; The overtures In Nature’s Realm, Carnival, and Othello, ranging in composition date from 1891-1892, were intended from the beginning to be concert works, with the ‘plot’ specified by the title or verbal indications written into the manuscript score.

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