Arnalds: Broadchurch Ost

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Label: DG
Catalog: 4811485
Format: CD


1. Main Theme 2. Danny 3. The Journey 4. So Close 5. Suspects 6. What Did They Ask You 7. She's Your Mother 8. Excavating The Past 9. The Meeting 10. Broken 11. I'm Not The Guilty One 12. So Far 13. Beth's Theme

How crucial is a score to a piece of television, or film? Imagine Blade Runner or Chariots Of Fire without Vangelis. Imagine Star Wars without John Williams. (in fact, you can, there s an early trailer for the movie on YouTube, which features no John Williams and it s not the Star Wars you know and love.) Now imagine Broadchurch without the music of Olafur Arnalds. I can t. One of my biggest fears for series 2 is that we wouldn t be able to tempt him back and then what would we do? Luckily, he felt as possessive about the show, as we did about him. For me, the joy of writing and producing drama is the collaboration: seeing great actors, artists, technicians and craftspeople working at the top of their game. Seeing a director of photography sculpt with light. Watching an editor cut a sequence together with elegant and precision. Thinking: how do they do that? Working with a composer is one of the greatest privileges of all. The thrill of receiving a new set of demos from Olafur is unrivalled. What he does is singular: he translates emotion into music. Then he aims that music be it tear-inducing, terrifying or uplifting back at your heart. He never misses. We re lucky to have him work with us. I still can t listen to track 2, Beth s Theme, without feeling myself on the verge of tears, thinking about Jodie Whittaker walking through the aisles of that supermarket surrounded by prying eyes. Or Track 9, first used in episode 8 of series 1, and not feel Ellie s pain. Every piece here is integral to the impact of our show, while also working superbly as a standalone piece. What I love is the way Olafur combines classical strings (usually recorded in a church hall in Reykjavik for that perfect sound) with modern beats, traditional piano with electronic synths. This eclectic emotionalism (I just made that phrase up, it s hard to talk about music) is always surprising, always fresh. There s one other thing you need to know about Olafur Arnalds. He is a lovely person: warm, generous, collaborative and a lot of fun. He surrounds himself with talented people who share those same traits. Maybe that s why his music is so honest and heartfelt and true: that s just who he is. His speech when he won the BAFTA for his work on Broadchurch made a room of hardened TV industry professionals cry and fall in love with him simultaneously. Straight to the heart. Never misses. --Chris Chibnall, Dorset December 2014

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