Brahms: Vier Ernste Gesange / Fischer-dieskau

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Label: DG
Catalog: 4635092
Format: CD

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau / Jorg Demus

1. Four Serious Songs, Op.121: 1. For That Which Befalleth The Sons Of Men 2. Four Serious Songs, Op.121: 2. So I Returned, And Considered 3. Four Serious Songs, Op.121: 3. O Death, How Bitter Is The Remembrance Of Thee 4. Four Serious Songs, Op.121: 4. Though I Speak With The Tongues Of Men And Angels 5. Summer Evening, Op.85 No.1 6. Moonlight, Op.85 No.2 7. Love Is So Lovely In Springtime, Op.71 No.1 8. Sea Voyage, Op.95 No.4 9. All The Flowers Gaze, Op.96 No.3 10. Death, It Is The Cool Night, Op.96 No.1 11. At Forty, Op.94 No.1 12. Rise, Beloved Shade, Op.94 No.2 13. My Heart Is Heavy, Op.94 No.3 14. No House, No Home, Op.94 No.5 15. Autumn Thoughts, Op.48 No.7 16. Old Love, Op.72 No.1 17. Dusk Of Evening, Op.49 No.5 18. Nostalgia II, Op.63 No.8 19. In The Churchyard, Op.105 No.4 20. Despair, Op.72 No.4 21. Song Of Rain, Op.59 No.3 22. Echo, Op.59 No.4 23. Spring Song, Op.85 No.5 24. On The Lake, Op.59 No.2 25. Lonely Fields, Op.86 No.2