Free Souls / Nicola Conte

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Label: Schema
Catalog: SCCD468
Format: CD

Nicola Conte

Composed by: Conte, Porter; Conte; Amofah; Lindgren; Jamal; Gentry; Rainger; Robin; Carmichael; Webster; Richardson

The early 1960s had seen a change of direction in musical research, especially in Jazz: a turn towards ‘deepness’, a more intimate objective, something closer to human feelings and spirituality. It was the time of John Coltrane and ‘A Love Supreme’, a towering masterpiece made up of four different moments of monotheistic prayer whilst simultaneously reciting an immortal mantra. ‘Deep’ we would call it today - spiritual and enchanting. Deepness and consciousness had roots in something changing, something that involved proud and conscious musicians forging a new language, completely changing music. If we had to find a way now to situate Free Souls, in an age in which everything has been already played, an era where mannerism is background music for supermarkets – those are the times we should look at. Nicola Conte’s artistry reveals decades of listening sessions and deep musical beliefs. He’s an accomplished juggler when it comes to playing with styles and inventing modern structures. Deepness is the added value of this album, something in between consciousness and spirituality.

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