Bach: Cantatas Vol 26 / Gardiner, Et Al

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Catalog: SDG121
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"Recorded on Whit Sunday and Monday in 2000, these irresistible cantatas display a whole range of moods: from the unalloyed optimism and exhuberance of BWV 172 to the tactful restraint of the opening of BWV 59. In the grand, eight-movement BWV 74, Bach is clearly roused by imagery of Satan attempting to curse and obstruct the believer, and introduces extreme modluations an jangling cross-accents in the tenor aria. The alto aria in the same cantata stands out for its graphic description of Hell, and Bach unapologetically borrows techniques from the opera house to entertain a theatrically-deprived audience while serving an impeccable theological purpose. The set also includes the superb BWV 34, an exceptionally late work from the 1740s, with its enormously satisfying choral overture, which generates colossal energy and elation in performance. With brilliant performances from the Monteverdi Choir and English Baroque Soloists, this aptly-timed release is the ideal next instalment in what may have already come to regard as the first choice of recorded Bach Cantata series."

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