The Eton Choirbook Collection (5cd) / Sixteen

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Label: CORO
Catalog: COR16040
Format: CD

Volume 1: The Rose and the Ostrich Feather, volume 2: The Crown of Thorns, volume 3: The Pillars of Eternity, volume 4: The Flower of All Virginity, volume 5: The Voices of Angels

anon.: This day day dawes Ah, my dear, ah, my dear Son! Afraid, alas, and why so suddenly? Browne, J: Stabat iuxta Christi crucem Jesu, mercy, how may this be? Stabat Mater Salve Regina O Maria salvatoris mater Cornysh the elder: Stabat Mater Ave Maria Mater Dei Cornyshe: Salve Regina Davy, R: Stabat Mater O Domine caeli terraeque creator Ah, mine heart, remember thee well A Blessid Jhesu Salve Regina In Honore Summae Matris Fayrfax: Magnificat 'Regale' Hygons: Salve Regina Kellyk: Gaude Flore Virginali Lamb, W: Stella caeli Salve Regina Monk, W: Magnificat Nesbett: Magnificat Plummer: Tota Pulchra es Anna Mater Matris Christi Sheryngham: Ah, gentle Jesu Turges: From stormy windes Wylkynson: Jesus autem transiens/Credo in Deum Salve Regina

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