Upstairs Downstairs: The Music Of

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Label: CDC
Catalog: CDC018
Format: CD


01 Upstairs Downstairs Theme 02 My Perfect Sister 03 165 Eaton Place 04 Lady Persephone (Percie) 05 The Chauffeur & the Parlour Maid 06 A Prelude to a Fight 07 Fish & Chips 08 The Butler & the Cook (Mr P. & Mrs T.) 09 Romancing the Butler 10 Masters & Servants Ball 11 Hung-over 12 Lady Agnes 13 Nylon Stockings 14 An American in London 15 We Rumba'd 'til Dawn 16 Butterlips 17 ‘O Ladybird’ 18 Johnny the Footman 19 Sweatshop 20 Health & Beauty March 21 A Foggy Night 22 Grubby 23 Girls Friendly Society 24 Agnes's Breakdown 25 Lord Hallam 26 Going to War 27 Belgravia Nights 28 Lotte 29 Blues for Benny 30 The Golden Blaze (Blanche & Portia) 31 Exit Time 32 The Kindertransport

The freshly polished silver sparkles in the light of the chandelier; the fragrance of fresh flowers fills the air. Set in the year preceding the Second World War, 165 Eaton Place reopens its doors and welcomes you back into the enrapturing lives of its inhabitants, both upstairs and down. There may be two families living in 165 - one upstairs and one down - but their fates are intimately linked. With both upstairs and down harbouring life changing secrets and the menace of war creeping ever closer, the smooth running of Eaton Place threatens to come crashing to shattering halt. The Original Music from Series 2 contains a new recording of the famous original theme to the Seventies series plus all brand new incidental music composed and conducted by Carl Davis. The haunting theme for 165 Eaton Place sets the scene for this Thirties drama. Carl Davis provides music to capture the dance traditions of Rumbas and Swing of the period and a feeling of impending drama as the threat of World War looms ever closer with the disc ending on the iconic I Vow to Thee My Country sung by a Children’s Choir.

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