Nino Baliardo & Gipsy Dynasty: Picasso

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Label: Chant du Monde
Catalog: 2742095
Format: CD

Niño Baliardo, chorus; Nanasso Baliardo, solo guitar; Bébé Baliardo, rhythm guitar; Antonio Villa, bass; Mario Reyes, solo guitar; Bimbo Reyes, rhythm guitar; Giovanni Reyes, counterpoint
Felipe Panel, bass; Francisco Michaelef, violin; Isaac Baptiste, percussions

Niño Baliardo is undoubtedly one of the last great specialists of the Cante Jondo, the "deep song", the primitive and intensely dramatic style of Andalusian flamenco singing which requires a profound sensibility and great expressive capacities. In order to relate the odyssey of the Gypsy people, Niño Baliardo has created a show called "Le Grand Voyage" from which most of the titles on the present album are taken. On stage, his Gipsy Family is enriched notably by the participation of Dhoad, a group of Gypsies from Rajasthan.
With pride and determination in equal measure, Niño Baliardo, in his music, forges anew the links between this scattered community which its uncertain origin and its experience of slavery, dispersal and persecution have federated into a people, without a homeland, to be sure, but just as surely without frontiers. By his side are two of his brothers: "Nanasso" Baliardo, a guitarist as discreet and mysterious as his musicianship and instrumental skills are remarkable, and "Bébé" Baliardo, an outstanding guitarist who is also blessed with a voice that allows him to tackle any countermelody, even the most perilous.

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