Bolivian Baroque Vol 2

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Label: Channel Classics
Catalog: CCSSA24806
Format: SACD / CD Hybrid

Balbi (1720-1775) Sonata No.IX (AMCh 269; So23); J.J.I. Brentner (1689-1742) Glória et honóre (AMCh 199 Mo 17); J. de Araujo (1646-1712) Cayósole al Alba (ANB, Musica 831); Si el Amor (ANB, Music 896); Anon (C.XVIII) Quis me a te (AMMoxos); G.B. Bassani (1657-1716) Missa Encarnación (AMCh 032); P. Locatelli (1695-1764) Sonata No.X (AMCh 270; Co 24); Anon (C.XVIII) Stella caeli (ANB, Musica 705); Anon (C.XVIII) Tota salutis (AMMoxos); Anon (CXVIII) Salve Regina (AMCh 131); Anon (CXVIII) Tota pulchra (ANB, Musica 722); Traditional Bolivian Melody (arr. Florilegium), Don Januario, special guest

The repertoire on this CD differs considerably from the first. First of all there are three choir pieces which are real showcases for this new choir (Arakaendar Bolivia). Only recently the second violin part for Bassani's Missa Encarnacion was discovered in a library in Italy, thus completing the manuscript set held in the archive in Concepcion. This is the first complete recording of Bassani's work. Two instrumental sonatas by Locatelli and Balbi are also included here for the first time. Motets, Villancicos and a couple of solo arias give the Bolivian Soloists from the first CD another opportunity to collaborate with Florilegium.

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