Rossini:comp.piano V3

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Label: Channel Classics
Catalog: CCS16098
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Un petit Train de Plaisir Prlude blageur; Des Tritons sil vous plat (monte-descente); Petite Pense; Une Bagatelle;Mlodie italienne: une Bagatelle (In nomine Patris);Petite Caprice (style Offenbach); chantillon de Blague mlodique sur les Noires de la Main droite; Mlodie candide; Prlude italien; chantillon du Chant de Nollitalienne; Impromptu tarantellis; Valse torture; Marche et Rminiscences pour mon dernier Voyage; Un petit Train de Plaisir, comico-imitatif

This is now the third recording with which I continue my journey into the world of Rossini's later works. Here we have a Rossini who clearly enjoyed the closing years of his life, in his beloved Paris, which once again allowed him free rein for his brilliant creativity. One of the results of this freedom was an abundance of mostly shorter character pieces, which he jokingly referred to as "Pchs de Vieillesse", or "Sins of old age". These works are typified by their great diversity, and they are the expressions of an exceptional talent who had broken free of musical dogma: ironic, meditative, personal, and unafraid of disapproval or self-deprecation. All of these things can be heard in the works on this CD.

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