From The Kasbah, Tunis To Tahrir Square, Cairo

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Soundtracks of the Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt

The revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt were uprisings by real people against the clans of governing despotic autocrats who were finally driven from power. In the organization of this opposition the internet played a major role as an alternative news agency. Gradually new music by various groups turned up on YouTube in particular, along which film footage of the protests, attracting millions of visitors. In close collaboration with the musicians Network has now issued a first CD of the most important soundtracks of these revolts.
From Tunisia, Zorah Lejnef, among others, with her revolutionary hit Free Tunis; Skander Guetari with an oriental ballad encouraging the demoralized young people to engage in honourable protests; the rapper "El General" with a candidly presented list of the many abuses being suffered; the famous composer Rabii Zamouri with a striking Hymn of the Revolution; Alia Salimi, one of her country's best vocalists, with a subtle song about the new light at the end of the tunnel of silence.
In Egypt the song The Sound of Freedom by Hani Adel became a hymn of the revolution and together with Essay by pop-star Mohammed Mounir had more than three million visitors on YouTube. Also from Egypt the Sufi singer Aida, who together with a children's choir champions the peaceful coexistence of the different religions. The Coptic Tawadros brothers, famous for virtuoso playing on the Arab lute or oud, and delicate percussion, went to the studio directly from a demonstration.
Music that accuses, that united in protest, that expresses hopes and longings, that invites us to reflect, and that encourages a new self-determined beginning. A unique CD documentation with 14 first issues. An exclusive world premiere by Network

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