Yves Rechsteiner: Romantic Organ Transcriptions

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Label: ALPHA
Catalog: ALPHA652
Format: CD

Yves Rechsteiner, organ & transcriptions

The Fantastic Organ [transcriptions of symphonic music- Beethoven, Berlioz, Chopin...]

The organ of la Dalbade, recently restored and never recorded, now stands out as one of the greatest representatives of French romantic organ building. Yves Rechsteiner, distinguished in the first volume of this collection (Cintegabelle/Rameau - Alpha 650), has devoted himself once again to a transcription exercise (brilliantly reviving a long tradition) of major romantic symphonic pieces. Composed on purpose for this recording, the transcriptions enable the instrument to reveal sounds as no other work would. The romantic « Correspondances » come to their full
meaning here and enable us to rediscover some very familiar pieces...

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