Lifescape - Therapy

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Label: Outnote
Catalog: OTN008
Format: CD

Lifescape: Olivier Régin, vocal; Renaud de Lacvivier, piano & Fender Rhodes; Pierre-Yves Le Jeune, double bass & cello; Arnaud
Girard, drums & percussion

For those customary of Parisian clubs, Lifescape is not really a revelation any more. From the very start, this quartet with its classic set-up for vocal-jazz - a trio piano-bass-drums and a singer- had proved intriguing and compelling. Specialist juries made no mistake: finalist of the Tremplin des jeunes talents at the St Germain Jazz Festival in 2007, Special Prize of the jury at the Sunside Trophies in 2008, with a special mention for boldness for the singer Olivier Régin. This virtue is amply shared with his three young companions, Renaud de Lacvivier, piano and Fender Rhodes, Pierre-Yves Le Jeune, double bass and cello, Arnaud Girard, drums and percussion. These four also have in common that they came to jazz at a later stage. Thanks to their diverse backgrounds - the classical conservatory of music for some, the practice of contemporary music for others - Arnaud, Olivier, Pierre-Yves and Renaud developed an identity. Their compositions- the major part of this very first album alongside two revivals (Lou Reed and The Doors) - are worked out together. They are very written pieces in which truly contemporary jazz is spiced with pop, rock and electro overtones. The overall aesthetics are very European, close for example to the Swedish group EST, whilst Olivier Régin sings in the tradition of American crooners Kurt Elling or Mark Murphy with all the virtuosity of scat singing. Lifescape, a neologism coined from life and landscape, contributes an authentic and vivifying color of sound to the present-day jazz landscape.

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