Les Fetes De Paphos

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M. Hengelbrock in FonoForum 11 / 97: "According to the conventions of the genre Genre conventions, it is not so much a question of the development of a complicated, suspenseful drama, but rather the precise turgy, but rather the precise shaping of a brilliant but brilliant, but in essence more graceful and sensitive graceful and sensitive description of the situation. Exactly here lies Rousset's special strength, since he understands perfectly understands excellently how to combine articulation and sound modu- and sound modulations with an optimal mixture of expertise and good and good taste to the point. At his side a squad of first-class vocal soloists. In the Choeur de Chambre Accentus, Rousset has a reliable partner partner of appealing vocal warmth, and his orchestra runs Warmth, and his orchestra runs under the guest concert francois Fernandez, his orchestra is in top form, for such a such a vocal quality, combined with an extremely and agile articulation, has never been heard before from the from the Talens Lyriques has never been heard before. Nevertheless, the grandeur of the interpretation makes this recording makes this recording a worthwhile discovery in many respects A rewarding discovery in several respects."

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