Vaclav Talich Special Edition, Volume 2

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Catalog: SU3822
Format: CD

Novák, V: Moravian-Slovak Suite Smetana: Czech Song Suk: A Fairy Tale, Op. 16

Talich conducts classic Czech works. - Talich's 1954 interpretation of Smetana's cantata Czech Song on CD for the first time. - Talich's composer friends - Josef Suk a Vitezslav Novak. Their pieces constituted a major portion of Talich's repertoire with the Czech Philharmonic. - "Authentic interpretations of Suk's suite A Fairy Tale (1901) and Novak's Moravian-Slovak Suite (1903)." - Music critic Karel Srom, 1943: "Novak and Suk invested a tremendous amount of emotion into these pieces. Talich, who feels their works with them, invests the same into every performance. Each of Talich's performances is an attempt at uniqueness, literally inimitable." Vaclav Talich - an incomparable interpreter of Suk and Novak.

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