Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris

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Catalog: SK89998
Format: CD

1. Marathon 2. Alone 3. Madeleine 4. I Loved 5. Mathilde 6. Bachelor's Dance 7. Timid Frieda 8. My Death 9. Jackie 10. Desperate Ones 11. Sons Of. 12. Amsterdam 13. The Bulls 14. Old Folks 15. Marieke 16. Brussels 17. Fanette 18. Funeral Tango 19. The Middle Class 20. You're Not Alone 21. Next 22. Carousel 23. If We Only Have Love

More important, the pioneering musical-without-a-book helped introduce Brel's oft-brooding, ever evocative art to a wider American audience--and arguably had an evolutionary influence on Broadway itself. This complete reissue of the 1968 boxed set cast album offers up a rich cross-section of Brel's songs about life, death, and love--and typically sharp-eyed observations about the human follies that season them--deftly performed by a cast that includes Elly Stone, Alice Whitfield, Shawn Elliott, and, crucially, rock pioneer, Brel associate, and co-producer Mort Shuman. This new edition fleshes out the set with the sessions' only unreleased song, a sprightly take on the deliciously cynical "The Middle Class." --Jerry McCulley

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