Putumayo Presents... Women Of The World Acoustic

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Catalog: PUTCD261
Format: CD

1 Sandrine Kiberlain • M'envoyer des Fleurs • (France) 2 Marta Topferova • Grano de Arena • (Czech Republic) 3 Emiliana Torrini • Sunnyroad • (Iceland/Italy) 4 Luca Mundaca • Não se Apavore • (Brazil) 5 Lura • Bida Mariadu • (Cape Verde) 6 Mona • Sekna • (Algeria) 7 Tamara Obrovac • Tuca' La Louna • (Croatia) 8 Anastasia Moutsatsou • Ola Ta Aiskola • (Greece) 9 Marta Gómez • Paula Ausente • (Colombia) 10 Kaissa • Wa • (Cameroon) 11 The Wailin' Jennys • One Voice • (Canada)

On March 8,women all over the world celebrate International Women’s Day. A national holiday in many countries and commemorated by the United Nations, International Women's Day is the story of ordinary women as makers of history. Though often divided by national boundaries and by ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences, this day allows women everywhere to look back on a tradition of struggle for equality, justice, peace and development. As a tribute to this tradition, Putumayo World Music presents an album that literally sings its praises. Women of the World: Acoustic is an exploration of acoustic music by some of the world’s leading female artists.

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