Trio Chemirani Invite...

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Label: Accords Croisés
Catalog: AC143
Format: CD

Djamchid Chemirani, zarb, vocal; Keyvan Chemirani, percussions; Bijan Chemirani, percussions; Ballaké Sissoko, kora; Omar Sosa, piano; Renaud Garcia-Fons, bass; Ross Daly, lyra, rebab; Sylvain Luc, acoustic guitar; Titi Robin, bouzouki

The trio invite and we are once again at base camp. The air is still clear, each guest approaches the session more or less equipped for an intense half day, no more.The mind is done with writing. Well, almost. Rubbed, struck, picked or pinched: it rain chords. The only exception: the magnificent voice of Djamchid, borne by the beauty of his mother tongue, draws from the Persian mystical poets (Saadi and Rumi) an imposing beauty and depth. The equation is risky with the drawbacks of the unknown. What links the worlds of Omar Sosa, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Sylvain Luc, Titi Robin, Ross Daly and Ballaké Sissoko?
To the cultural way and spheres of activity, more or less stretched out over time, of the extremities of the road travelled principally with Keyvan and Bijan? No rules, therefore. The trio greet each guest in the studio with decorum
and simplicity.
It is a time for sharing intimately, without showing off, often "live", which the music reflects. It is said that nature abhors a vacuum but is quite content with inhabited silences, that's probably where the Trio excel: the art of accommodating the non-said, splitting up the silence. On one side, the temptation of the miniature and illumination; on the other, the understanding of emptiness as the musician's best friends.

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