Perrine Fifadji: Awadakpèkpè

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Label: Daqui
Catalog: 332045
Format: CD

Perrine FIFADJI, Vocals, dance; Francis PASSICOS, Sitar, flutes, ocarina, bowls, jaldaran; Emmanuel ARNE, Guitar, Indian harmonium, senza; Ersoj KAZIMOV, Derbouka, bendir; or Ewa TOHINNOU, Bougarabou

"Metamorphosis is the keyword when it comes to define Perrine Fifadji's journey through artistic creation.
Her African rooted, one of a kind, powerful voice conjures both griot chanting and gospel and travels effortlessly across continents.
Once a caterpillar, she's now a butterfly, unveiling « Awada Kpé Kpé », the singing choreographic show that leads us down the road of cultural encounters and atypical musical craftsmanships (guitars meet sitars meet flutes meet gopichan... ). Did we mention she was both a singer and a dancer ? Her body sings as her voice dances, and we're rapt in bliss and generosity as we scour unexplored territories" - Norbert Sènou

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