Leclair: First Book Of Sonatas

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Fabio Biondi: violin Desiderio Quercetani, Parma 1987; Rinaldo Alessandrini: french harpsichord, 18th century; School Hemsch D. Jacques Way & Marc Ducornet, Paris; Maurizio Naddeo: Italian anonymous cello, milanese school, late 18th century; Pascal Monteilhet: 14 choruses theorbe, Mathias Durvie, after Mateo Sellas, Venice 1638

Jean-Marie Leclair (1697-1764)
First Book of Sonatas for Solo Violin with Basso Continuo (1723)
Sonata viii [G major] / Sonata xi [B flat major] / Sonata vii [F major] / Sonata iii [B flat major]

What is most remarkable in his work is precisely the perfect equilibrium that is found between different tendencies within each work: audacity and boldness, but profoundly reflected thought, presented without haste and with a sure grasp. A perfect correctness of style, without coldness, on the other hand a certain lyricis, particularly in the slow movements, whose pace is grave and almost majestic. Sometimes there is tenderness but always it is contained: sometimes there is also ardour, ma non troppo. And so there is always a balance which also affects the way in which he combines the Italian tradition of writing and the manipulation of the violin with the French tradition.
Philippe Beaussant, from the liner notes

A shadowy, unstable and misanthropic character,
died mysteriously from a knife wound
inflicted by an unknown assailant, Jean-Marie
Leclair is the real creator of the French violin
school and one of the greatest violinists of the
Eighteenth Century.
His prolific output, almost exclusively devoted
to the violin, consists of a series of collections
of sonatas published throughout his lifetime,
in which stand out 48 sonatas for violin and
bass (four volumes). The First Book of Sonatas
for Solo Violin with Basso Continuo dates from
1723 and represents Leclair's first publication.
Four sonatas are performed here by Fabio
Biondi, one of the most authoritative Baroque
performers, joined by an all-star continuo
group featuring Rinaldo Alessandrini, Pascal
Monteilhet and Maurizio Naddeo.

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