Cristofaro Caresana & Gaetano Veneziano: Tenebrae

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Label: Glossa
Catalog: GCD922602
Format: CD

Valentina Varriale, soprano; I Turchini; Antonio Florio, direction

Neapolitan music for the Holy Week
Cristofaro Caresana (c. 1640-1709): Lectio III del Giovedi Santo, Lectio III del Venerdi Santo
Gaetano Veneziano (1665-1716): Lectio I del Primo Notturno del Mercoledi Santo, Lectio III del Primo Notturno, Sinfonia a 7
Giuseppe Antonio Avitrano (c.1670-1756): Sonata VI a 3 violini e bc "La Carafa"

With Tenebrae Antonio Florio continues on his journey of exploration of the Neapolitan Baroque, now appearing on Glossa, with a timely release of Lamentations of Jeremiah from one "known" composer in Cristofaro Caresana, long-valued by Florio (and whose vocal music occupied most of his previous recording in L'Adoriatione de' Maggi), and another from the succeeding generation at the end of the 17th century in Gaetano Veneziano, a musician taught by Francesco Provenzale.
The vocal works on this new recording are scored for a solo singer and this role is taken by a soprano (who comes from Naples herself) in Valentina Varriale, fast becoming a central member of Antonio Florio's musical organization, (the recently-renamed) I Turchini. Instrumentalists from I Turchini take the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of the Neapolitan style in string music - a Sinfonia and a four-part Sonata - by Veneziano and one of his contemporaries, Giuseppe Antonio Avitrano.

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