Lola Lafon: Une Vie De Voleuse

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Label: Chant du Monde
Catalog: 2741885
Format: CD

Lola Lafon, choral, keyboards, samples; Ivica Bogdanic, accordion, keyboards; Olivier Lambert, keyboards, samples, Bouzoukis guitar, bass; Julien Rieu de Pey, Bouzoukis guitar, bass

Hearing Lola Lafon sing always makes me think of Leonard Cohen, and when I saw her live at a concert this impression was magnified.
[...] There'll be a lot of comment about this album, L'Abandon, after the song Dominique A wrote for her; this will no doubt serve as a lazy way of ranking her performance, categorizing her, giving her a place in the new French chanson, whereas what really pleases and strikes one about Lola Lafon is actually the way she fits profoundly into a certain tradition that she's defending by reviving it; I mean that of Piaf, Barbara, Colette Magny...
[...] "Les filles volent" - Girls steal. Including their life as thieves. It's a deliberate desire to live apart, differently.[...]
"Now is the time to reclaim life". La vita nova can't be translated. It survives, carries on. And can be sung.
Arnaud Viviant

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