Graziani: In Viaggio Verso Breslavia

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Gaetano Nasillo, violoncello Luca Guglielmi, clavicembalo; Sara Bennici, violoncello

Carlo Graziani (-1787)
Sonata op. III n. 2 in La maggiore per violoncello e basso / Sonata op. II n. 3 in mi minore per violoncello e basso / Sonata op. III n. 1 in Sol maggiore per violoncello e basso / Capriccio in Do maggiore 6.15 per violoncello solo / Sonata in Re maggiore «in scordatura» per violoncello e basso / Sonata in La maggiore «Il viaggio da Berlino a Breslavia con
l'affettuosa ricevuta di S.A.R.» («Breslavia 15Xbre 1778») per violoncello e basso / Sonata op. III n. 5 in Re maggiore per violoncello e basso

'The sweetest moment of my life'
The third movement [of 'Il viaggio da Berlino a Bresalvia'], a Rondeau Grazioso, bears the inscription 'Le plus dous moment de ma vie' ('the sweetest moment of my life'). Presumably, this movement, perhaps its theme, refers to some moment in Graziani's life to which he was favorably disposed. There is, however, nothing unusual about either the movement or even the whole sonata to suggest that Graziani intended to treat it differently from his other works. Rather this sonata is a fine illustration of Graziani's style and approach to his instrument: idiomatic, lyrical, and overflowing with ideas. Mara Parker, from the liner notes

Mirroring his own skill as a player, Graziani's pieces are of great importance in the development of the cello and consitute an important enrichment of the instrument's repertoire.
With but few exceptions, Graziani's output consists of sonatas for cello and basso: eighteen sonatas published in three sets (Opp. 1-3), and eighteen others, most of which remain in manuscript form. Gaetano Nasillo offers here a representative sample from his catalogue with four published sonatas and three other Berlin works: the Capriccio, the Sonata in D ('in scordatura') and his Sonata in A ('Il viaggio da Berlino a Breslavia con l'affettuoso ricevuta di S. A. R.'). Graziani's cello music features skilful technique with distinctive ideas in the individual movements.

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