Paris, Texas

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Catalog: CD25270
Format: CD

1. Paris, Texas 2. Brothers 3. Nothing Out There 4. Cancion Mixteca - Harry Dean Stanton 5. No Safety Zone 6. Houston In Two Seconds 7. She`s Leaving The Bank 8. On The Couch 9. I Knew These People - Harry Dean Stanton And Nastassja Kinski 10. Dark Was The Night

Ry Cooder has done some of the best soundtracks in the last 20 years or so (I wouldn't live without The Long Riders or the two-disc Music By Ry Cooder compilation, either)--most of them superior to the movies. (Sorry about that, Walter Hill--but it's true.) His lonesome, steel-guitar music for Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas is one of those cases where the movie and its music are equally great. I can't imagine one without the other. Every time I hear Cooder's opening theme, I see those wide western spaces and Travis (Harry Dean Stanton) wandering through them; and every time I see a still from the movie, I can hear Cooder's music playing in my head. --Jim Emerson