Carlos Gomes: Il Guarany , Domingo, Alvarez

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Placido Domingo, Vernica Villarroel, Carlos Alvarez, John Neschling - conductor

Gomes: Il Guarany

A very rare opera!Domingo and Alvarez shine! Out of Print.
"Il Guarany" (1870, La Scala, Milan) gave Antônio Carlos Gomes (of brazilian origin) a reputation as a significant lyric opera composer throughout Europe. It is plenty of melodical and exuberant richness following the Italian musical school, and the plot recreates the exotic milieu of Brazil of the 1560's with portugueses' fights and dealings with the native tribes of Aimorè and Guaraní. In this Sony recording, the baritone Carlos Alvarez (as Gonzales) gives an excellent performance in the 2nd act with "Senza tetto, sensa cuna" (Without shelter, without refuge) (see Track 9 starting at 1:22 minutes). Also, I enjoyed the 1st act duet Pery/Cecilia (Plácido Domingo/Verónica Villaroel) which is dramatic as well as charming: "Sento una forza indomita" (I feel an irresistible force) (see Track 5 starting at 1:58 minutes). Although I prefer the Donizettian coloratura of Bidú Sayão's old recording (HMV DB 2304), and the delightful lift she gave to Gomes' soprano-arias of "Il Guarany", the soprano Verónica Villaroel is quite good in: "Gentile di cuore" (Tender-hearted) (see Track 3 starting at 6:39 minutes), and "C'era una volta un principe" (There was once a prince) (see Track 10 starting at 3:50 minutes). The dramatic quality and powerful voice of Plácido Domingo is evident in Pery's 2nd act tenor-aria: "Vanto oi pur superba cuna" (I am of high birth).

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