Mr. Francis Tregian His Choice

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Label: ALPHA
Catalog: ALPHA063
Format: CD

Goe from my window (Aononyme); Come when I call (John Dowland); Goe from my window (Richard Alison); Can she excuse / Excuse moy (Dowland-van Eyck); Pavana Dolorosa. Tregian (Peter Philips); Galiarda Dolorosa (Peter Philips); From silent night (John Dowland); Dovehouse Pavan (alfonso Ferrabosco Junior); Heare me, O God (Alfonso Ferrabosco Junior); Tregian's Ground (William Byrd); In darkness let me dwell (Giovanni Coperario); Fantasy (John Ward); The shepherds' Joy (Anonyme); O mistress mine (Thomas Morley); Captaine Pipers Pavin (John Dowland-Thomas Morley); Galliard Can she excuse (John Dowland-Thomas Morley); If my complaints could passions move (John Dowland)

Sir Francis Tregian met the most important musicians of his time (Byrd, Morley Dowland…) and copied out their music:broken concerts, songs & ayres, pavans & galiards… the music of times that were in many ways difficult, but rich in emotions of all sorts.

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