Hume: The Passion Of Musick

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Label: ALPHA
Catalog: ALPHA061
Format: CD

Tobias Hume (1575?-1645) Poeticall Musicke (1607) The Soldiers song; A soldiers Galiard; Fain would I change that note; Tobacco is like love; M.S. Georges delight; Cease leaden slumber; The passion of musick; What greater griefe; Captain Hume Lamentation; Captaine Humes Musicall Humors (1605) Hark, Hark; I'm falling; Ceccus an hungarian lord his delight; Captaine Hume Pavin; A Souldiers resolution; Death; Life; A Pavin

Tobias Hume was a roving eccentric mercenary. His music, full of contrasts and irony, immerses us in the torments of the baroque world of complaints, tears, dissonances and the affects of the Passions of Musickeā€.

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