Dussek: Piano Sonatas

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Label: CPO
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Bohemian Sonatas of the Highest Virtuosity
During his rich and varied life the Bohemian composer Jan Ladislav Dussek was regarded as a piano and glass harmonica virtuoso, and today it is still said that he was one of the first to make the pianoforte sing. Whether in Paris or, after the French Revolution, in London, Dussek always maintained the closest ties to the aristocracy and was extremely successful and popular as a pianist, piano teacher, and composer. He was always interested in the further development of the keyboard instruments of his time and even saw to it that their range was extended first to five octaves and then to six. His Piano Sonatas on this cpo release number among his best piano works. One critic praised one of the sonatas as follows: “It is a genial product such as are few, one of the most characterful poems and one that will retain its value as long as music, good pianofortes, and accomplished pianists exist.” His prophecy is fulfilled on this recording with the interpretations by the pianist Markus Becker.

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