Frank Sinatra - Tone Poems Of Color

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Catalog: 724353373825
Format: CD

Recording Type: Studio Recording Mode: Stereo

Track Listing 1. White 2. Green 3. Purple 4. Yellow 5. Gray 6. Gold 7. Orange 8. Black 9. Silver 10. Blue 11. Brown 12. Red

This originally was a limited edition recording and is now only available in the complete Frank Sinatra Capitol box set CONCEPTS.TONE POEMS OF COLOR is also available with the box set CONCEPTS.Personnel includes: Frank Sinatra (conductor).All tracks have been digitally remastered.This is part of Capitol Records "Entertainer Of The Century" series.For a long while, TONE POEMS OF COLOR was only available as part of a hefty box set, but Capitol's 2002 Sinatra reissue series finally brought this unusual album into its own. TONE POEMS is unique among Sinatra's recordings in that it's the only one in the Chairman's voluminous catalogue on which he doesn't sing a single note! Instead, Frank wields the conductor's baton here on a series of artfully constructed orchestral pieces by a group of gifted composers. Each piece is meant to represent a different color of the spectrum, and to work in tandem with the poetry of Sinatra cohort Norman Sickel, which is reproduced in the liner notes.Some of Sinatra's well known arranger/conductors such as Nelson Riddle, Billy May, and Gordon Jenkins were tapped for contributions, as were iconic figures such as Elmer Bernstein and Andre Previn. Perhaps the most impressive compositions, though, come from Sinatra arranger Alec Wilder, whose "Blue" and "Gray" make use of misty strings and atmospheric orchestration to evoke those colors' inherent bittersweetness. TONE POEMS is one of the most artistically ambitious albums in the Sinatra canon, but the sweet tones of many of the pieces nevertheless make it immediately accessible (as long as you're not waiting for Frank to sing).

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