Handel: Il Trionfo Del Tempo E Del Disinganno

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Label: EMI
Catalog: 094636342825
Format: CD

Natalie Dessay, Ann Hellenberg, Sonia Prina, Pavol Breslik, Le Concert d'Astree, Emmanuelle Haim

Emmanuelle Haïm's performance with her ensemble Le Concert d'Astrée was wonderful: profound, sensual, witty and flawless at the same time With these words the London Guardian praised a performance of Handel's early oratorio "Il Trionfo de Tempo e des Disinganno" (The Triumph of Time and Knowledge) - one of the most fascinating scores of the young compositional genius. Emmanuelle Haïm "resurrected" the piece that Handel composed in Rome at the age of 22 in the spirit of her previous successes, in which she repeatedly proved that baroque music can sound so fresh and stirring as if it had been composed only yesterday. Now Handel's early work is to follow as a recording with a highly competent cast of singers: above all Natalie Dessay and Sonia Prina, already known from Haïm's "Orfeo" production. For the first time at Virgin Classics: Swedish mezzo-soprano Ann Hallenberg and Slovakian tenor Pavol Breslik.

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