Rolando Villazon: Gitano

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Label: EMI
Catalog: 654742
Format: CD

For his 3rd recital on Virgin Classics, Rolando Villazón offers yet another sample of his manifold artistry in a programme of Zarzuela arias. This is repertoire for acclaimed voices, world-renowned opera singers, and Rolando Villazón today belongs to this sphere, not to mention that he is himself Hispanic. Rolando who already counts an ever-growing number of fans world-wide will broaden his public with this very popular repertoire. The recording was made in collaboration with Maestro Domingo, Rolando’s "mentor", conducting the Orquesta Comunidad de Madrid, this July in the birth-place of Zaruela, Madrid. Rolando Villazón actually started his career in a zarzuela, in Mexico: his first professional role was a small part in Luisa Fernanda (which Domingo was directing at the time of the recording in Madrid in July). He immediately loved the genre, and delved into it by listening to many recordings, and more specifically to those of Plácido Domingo. He has since added zarzuela arias as much-applauded encores in his concerts. Thus this recording is for him a must. The experience of recording this album with Maestro Domingo was for as Rolando says "a continuing lesson". Rolando has already been conducted by him, in "classical operas" and projects bring them together in the new seasons, and their understanding is undeniable. Furthermore, Plácido Domingo knows this repertoire perfectly: he comes from this tradition (his parents being themselves zarzuela singers, he grew up working in their touring company in Mexico) and has sung all the roles. His own zarzuela recording on EMI in 1987 is a reference recording.

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