The Letter Musical Judy Garland

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Label: DRG
Catalog: DRG-CD-19102
Format: CD

Track Listing: 1. Beautiful Trouble 2. Love in the Village 3. Charley's Blues 4. Worst Kind of Man 5. That's All There Is 6. Love in Central Park 7. Red Balloon 8. Fight 9. At the Stroke of Midnight 10. Come Back 11. Beautiful Trouble (Alternate Take) 12. That's All There Is, There Isn't Any More (Alternate Take) 13. The Worst Kind Of Man (Alternate Take) 14. The Red Balloon (Alternate Take)

Rare Judy Garland album. Garland and musical director, arranger and composer Gordon Jenkins worked on this experimental album for Capitol which has a complete through-narrative.

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