Sabor Pa' Rato

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Label: World Village
Catalog: 498037
Format: CD

Sabor de Gràcia

The Catalan Rumba is a music style so genuine to the city of Barcelona as sometimes to be called 'Barcelona Rumba'.
It emerged in the mid fifties chiefly inspired by Cuban and Puerto Rican sounds and a pronounced Latin Salsa rhythm akin to the New York Hispano bands of the seventies.
The 'ventilador' - the fan-like motion of striking the guitar strings - is another specific ingredient of this music style along with the vocals and the handclapping percussion known as 'palmas'. All three together make this Rumba style valuably diverse. Sabor de Gràcia is named after Barcelona quarter of Gràcia, home to a small community of Catalan Gypsies where this music style has its roots.
It is now one of its leading bands, true to the grand rumba maestros' tradition such as El Pescaílla, Peret or Gato Pérez while adding a modern touch of its own brand.
Artists of renowned local or international stature have contributed to this record: Ojos de Brujo, José El Francés, Jerry Medina (Fania All Stars), Negri (Barberia del Sur), Los Manolos, Chonchi Heredia etc.

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