Early Music Box: Ancient Times To Renaissance

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Label: harmonia mundi
Catalog: 2918163/72
Format: CD

Sister Marie Keyrouz, St. Julien-le-Pauvre Byzantine Choir, St. Julien-le-Pauvre Byzantine Choir, Conrad Steinmann, Arianna Savall, Massimo Cialfi, Luiz Alves Da Silva, Adolphe Attia, Raymond Cousté, Ensemble Organum, Andreas Martin, Paolo Pandolfo, Hilliard Ensemble, Alfred Deller, Les Arts Florissants, Emma Kirkby, Ensemble Clement Janequin, Orlando Consort, Anonymous 4, Theatre of Voices, Drew Minter, Dufay Collective, et al.

Disc 1: Music of the Ancient World - Ancient Greece, Biblical Times.
Disc 2: Chant of the Early Christians- Ambrosian, Roman, and Mozarabic Chants.
Disc 3: 1000 Years of Gregorian Chant - Chant and Magnus Liber Organi.
Disc 4: Trouveres, Troubadours and Minnesingers - Folk Music of the Middle Ages.
Disc 5: The Birth of Polyphony - The Notre Dame School and Forward.
Disc 6: Ars Nova - Musical Revolution in the Late Middle Ages.
Disc 7: Ars Subtilior - The Dawn of the Renaissaince.
Disc 8: Sacred Music in the Renaissance - Masses and Motets.
Disc 9: Songs of the Renaissance - France, Italy, and Elizabethan England.
Disc 10: The Rise of Instrumental Music - Courtly and Dance Music.

The last copy we will ever have!
Originally issued in the Century series in 2005, this EARLYMUSIC set by the artists of harmonia mundi now returns to invite you to travel the centuries in music.
In 10 CDs and more than 12 hours listening, this unique guide will allow you to (re)discover the music of the past and develop your musical knowledge.
Each CD is accompanied by a detailed booklet dealing with the musical, historical and geographical context, closely linked with key elements from the visual arts of the appropriate period.
From the ancient world to 1600: the pleasure of discovery is complete, for eyes and ears alike!