Holland Baroque Society Meets Matthew Halls

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Label: Channel Classics
Catalog: CCSSA27408
Format: SACD / CD Hybrid

Holland Baroque Society; Matthew Halls

Georg Muffat: Auserlesene mit Ernst und Lust gemengte Instrumentalmusik (1701): Concerto I in d minor; Concerto II in A major; Concerto III in B major; Concerto IV in g minor; Concerto V in D major; Concerto VI in a klein; Concerto VII in E groot

Channel Classics happily announces its collaboration with the Holland Baroque Society. Holland Baroque Society unites the youngest generation of baroque musicians. They encountered each other in the best European Baroque orchestras, and by 2005 they were of the opinion that it was high time to establish their own distinctive sound. Since that time, Holland Baroque Society has combined innovative programming with a unique working style. The orchestra does not have a permanent conductor: that helps keep their ears sharp and makes the sense of ensemble both richer and more intense. For each new project, HBS invites a particular baroque specialist who has an innovative vision, one who has mastered a distinctive aspect of performance practise, or in some other way has escaped the timeworn pathways of convention. For this release they worked together with Matthew Halls, renowned harpsichordist, organist and conductor and artistic director of The King's Consort.

Why has Holland Baroque Society devoted a CD to the relatively unfamiliar Muffat? Well, there are more than enough reasons! Muffat's music not only offers a wide sampling of European styles and techniques, but the composer also melds them together into a more elevated totality of style. In addition, this is not only European music but democratic music: the French five-voiced style guarantees that everyone in the orchestra participates equally. And in conclusion, these are brilliantly composed pieces which will fascinate every listener. Let the complete assurance with which Muffat moved from country to country within Europe be an example to us all! (from the liner notes by Gerard van der Leeuw).

"The notes, the strings, the sweet sounds of music give my life a sense of fulfillment, all the more because I mingle the French style with the German and Italian, without inciting a war; but rather holding up a mirror to the longed-for harmony and dear peace which these people so greatly desire." - Georg Muffat

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