The Beatles: The Mono Albums

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Mono CDs available in this Limited Edition Box Set only and not individually!!!

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Beatles (White Album) (2 discs)
Magical Mystery Tour
Help! (CD also includes original 1965 stereo mix)+
Rubber Soul (CD also include original 1965 stereo mix)+
Hard Day’s Night
Please Please Me
With The Beatles
Beatles For Sale
Mono mix singles (2 discs)
+Mono mix CD debut

The 1960's represented a time of great advances in technology and this was as true of music recording and reproduction as in everything else. During the period that The Beatles were recording (1962 - 1969) the primary format was Mono - the installed base of mono players was massive with stereo the preserve of hi-fi fanatics and some Easy Listening and classical purists. In fact, Mono was so important that the Beatles themselves (once they had started to take an interest in the physical production of their music) that they attended only the Mono mastering sessions. The stereo mastering was often done separately - sometimes quite a bit later and without their involvement. So for many, the mono masters are considered to be the pinnacle of audio reproduction of The Beatles - this is how they were meant to sound at the time given the importance of the single channel medium.
From Please Please Me to The Beatles (White Album), all the original mixes are represented here in full, glorious mono! The Past Masters CD has been recreated as Mono Masters to properly reflect this period. This set duplicates the Past Masters track listing with the exception of those tracks that only ever appeared in stereo. However, as an added bonus, five tracks, never previously released in mono, are included in the package. These are "Only A Northern Song", "All Together Now", "Hey Bulldog" and "It's All Too Much" all from the Yellow Submarine project plus "Across The Universe". These titles were originally scheduled for release on an EP in 1969. There is a fantastic essay in the Mono Masters booklet that explains in some detail the history of these recordings and which goes some way to highlight just why these versions are so eagerly anticipated.

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