Macmillan: Symphony No.3; Etc.

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The premiere at the 1990 Proms of 'The Confession of Isobel Gowdie' was a key event in the history of modern British Music. In a brave piece of programming, the work was placed in a popular Saturday evening concert alongside more conventional repertoire. To everyone's amazement, MacMillan's work was greeted with a warmth and intensity rarely experienced in Britain after the death of Benjamin Britten. The work's success brought a realization: that it was possible for a modern composer to address an audience with the emotional directness and narrative power of Tchaikovsky, Mahler or Shostakovich without sacrificing his contemporary 'edge'.
This is the third disc in the BBC Phiharmonic's acclaimed James MacMillan series. The works are conducted by the composer who thus provides a personal insight into their interpretation.

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