Mozart: Sonatas For Keyboard And Violin Vol. 7 & 8

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Label: Channel Classics
Catalog: CCSSA28109

Gary Cooper, fortepiano & Rachel Podger, violin with Alison McGillivray, cello

vol.7 • Allegro in Bb major, KV372 • 6 Variations in G minor, ‘Hélas, j’ai perdu mon amant’ K.374b • Sonata in Eb major, KV 26 • Fantasia in C minor for Piano, KV 396 • 12 Variations in G major, ‘La Bergère Célimène’ K.374a vol.8 * LONDON SONATAS, 1764 • Sonata in B Flat Major, KV10 • Sonata in G Major, KV11 • Sonata in A Major, KV12 • Sonata in F Major, KV13 • Sonata in C Major, KV14 • Sonata in B Flat Major, KV15 * with Alison McGillivray, cello

Gramphone Editor's Choice - October 2009
Mozart Series Completed (... ) So, my lasting impression, having dissected every note of the music, is of a cornucopia of hidden gems; hidden because history has under rated, misunderstood and bowdlerized the collective meaning of these works by assuming that it is an uneven genre – but then so are the symphonies and even the operas! Finally, one asks why there hasn’t previously been a complete recording on historical instruments. From my ‘privileged’ position as listener-inchief, I can tell you it is because no pair can make such transparent and difficult music sound so effortless, elegant, witty, emotionally persuasive and enjoyable.

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