Best Of Czech Classics - Complete Dvorak Concertos

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Ivan Moravec - Piano, Josef Suk - Violin, Miloš Sádlo - Cello Czech Philharmonic, Jiri Belohlavek - Conductor

Dvorak: Piano Concerto in G minor, Op. 33 Cello Concerto in A major, B10 Romance in F minor, Op. 11 Mazurek for violin and orchestra, Op. 49 (B89) Violin Concerto in A minor, Op. 53 Waldesruhe (Silent woods) for cello and orchestra, Op. 68 No. 5 Rondo in G minor for cello & orchestra, Op. 94, B. 181 Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. 104

A 3-CD set of Dvorak's Concertos at a fantastic price!
You would be hard pressed indeed to find a great cellist who didn't have Dvorak's Concerto in B minor in his repertoire. There are dozens of recordings of various interpretations of the piano and violin concertos, which are among the very finest that have ever been written for these instruments. This collection, intended for Dvorak devotees, also contains the lesser-known Cello Concerto in A major in orchestral instrumentation, originally composed with piano accompaniment. The smaller mood pieces for violin (Mazurek, Romance), cello (Rondo, Silent Woods) and orchestra supplementing this collection are a certain antipode to the large concertos. If there can be said to be a "Dvorak" interpretative tradition, then the soloists on this CD, headed by the violinist Josef Suk (by the way, the composer's great-grandson) and the pianist Ivan Moravec, are undoubtedly its standard-bearers. And would it be possible to name an orchestra more deeply rooted in the Dvorak tradition than the Czech Philharmonic (conducted at one time by Dvorak himself)? This CD presents Dvorak's complete concertante oeuvre performed by those with a true calling. Dvorak's complete concertante oeuvre performed by those with a true calling

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