Keith Jarrett: The Melody At Night With You

Album cover art
Label: ECM
Catalog: 3145479492
Format: CD

Keith Jarrett: piano

I Loves You Porgy; I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good; Don't Ever Leave Me; Someone To Watch Over Me; My Wild Irish Rose; Blame It On My Youth; Meditation; Something To Remember You By; Be My Love; Shenandoah; I'm Through With Love

Gone are any vestiges of virtuostic flights-of-fancy, and (for some, thankfully!) his tendencies for vocalization. The result is an astonishingly beautiful recording of a smattering of standard ballads with a few folk songs. Make no mistake, this is not a light-hearted swinging affair but a contemplative unhurried performance. A completely different musical exploration than Bill Evans's Alone, but equally enjoyable for the honest, bare-bones approach that is most effective in allowing each tune to shine through.
If you have never liked Keith Jarrett, this CD will challenge your view. If you have never listened to Keith Jarrett, this is a great starter. If you are a die-hard Jarrett fan then you may already own this; if not, pick it up for yourself and for someone you know!

Price: $18.98