The Ice Age And Beyond - Songs By Women Composers

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Catalog: BGR173
Format: CD

Patricia Green, mezzo-soprano & Midori Koga, piano
with: Carolyn Stuart, violin; Dessislava Nenova, cello; Kimberley Cole Luevano, clarinet; William Wiedrich, conductor

Emily Doolittle (b. 1972): Airs of Men Long Dead (1989) 1. Waiting 1:22 2. Wolf 2:01 3. Sycamore 1:23 4. Song 2:43
Barbara Pentland (1912—2000): Three Sung Songs (pub. 1964) 5. Divining 2:49 6. Life 1:22 7. Let the harp speak 2:18
Barbara Pentland (1912—2000): Ice Age (pub. 1986) 7:47
Isabelle Panneton (b. 1955): Echo (pub. 1988) 2:20
Alice Ping Yee Ho (b. 1960): City Night (2004) 10. City night 2:12 11. You seek 0:51 12. My moonlit darling 2:38 13. Reach for sanity 1:35 14. We sleep unsettled 3:08 15. The blind cannot judge 2:40
Kati Agócs (b. 1975): Imagination of Their Hearts (2004) 16. Prophecy 1:37 17. Lullaby 4:40 18. Letter from Joan of Arc 3:48 19. I Have a Young Sister 4:50 20. Louange 6:35

“Ice Age”, the title track of this CD, is a work by Barbara Pentland in which the future of the earth is envisioned as a frozen, barren landscape due to human misuse of the environment. This is difficult to imagine since it is so much at odds with our current view of the possible futures for the earth. In exactly the same way, it is difficult for us to imagine the personal and professional obstacles that Pentland had to overcome in her career as a female composer. In this more welcoming time for diverse voices in music, the works collected on this CD illustrate how the example set by Pentland laid the path for young women composers across Canada. Due to their immense perseverance, works of Canadian women composers are now commissioned and performed throughout the world.

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