World Container / The Tragically Hip

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With 11 consistent studio records under their belt, it is unlikely that the Tragically Hip would do anything to sonically surprise their fans. Truth is, the group has never swayed from their agenda of creating lyrically intelligent, melodic classic rock for the 21st century. World Container provides exactly that and accomplishes it with a vibrancy that proves that a band who has been together for 23 years can still create affecting and entertaining music for the Canadian masses. Most of the noteworthy changes are subtle in nature; guitarist Paul Langois seems to have brought in sounds from a few of his heroes into the studio, from the Police-affected reggae in "The Lonely End of the Rink" to the Edge-esque resonance of "Luv(sic)." The band has also incorporated piano into a few numbers, most noticeably during "Pretend," a rare love-ballad. For a group who has spent decades avoiding songs that overtly follow the topic of love, the track is quite beautiful, and frontman Gord Downie's vocals soar within it. Romance aside, Downie is up to his usual tricks, yowling and chatting to himself in "The Kids Don’t Get It" and "The Drop Off"--both of which contain wide-lunged, ringing choruses that will undoubtedly turn into onstage highlights. To quote Radiohead, you'll find "no alarms and no surprises" on World Container, just more of the same blues-affected music from Canada's long-reigning kings of rock. --Denise Sheppard

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