Komitas: Piano Works, Lusine Grigoryan

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Lusine Grigoryan, piano.

Komitas (1869-1935) SEVEN SONGS Semplice Dolente Allegretto Non Troppo Allegretto Semplice, Tempo Rubato Comodo Nobile Allegrezzo Energico Msho Shoror PLECES FOR CHILDREN Allegretto Amabile Allegretto Amabile Vivo Allegro Moderato Andantino Lento Vivace Moderato Con Giubilo Con Alterazza Coimo Moderato Andantino Con Tenerezza SEVEN DANCES Manushki Yerangui Unabi Marali Shushiki Het U Araj Shoror Toghik

This CD, accompanied by a gorgeously bound collection of sheet music, features piano performances by Lusine Grigoryan of pieces by Armenian composer Komitas. Komitas (1869-1936) is the uncontested genius of Armenian music in general and the pillar of modern Armenian classical music. His studies and research have had and still have an invaluable contribution to the sphere of international ethnomusicology. A contemporary of Bartok and Debussy, Komitas and his music were held in high esteem in the European musical sphere of the time. Komitas’ piano works can be grouped into 3 major groups: songs, dances, and pieces for children. Whether arrangements of folk songs and dances or inspired by them, they are unique in many ways: the polyphonic composition style, harmonies, rhythmic patterns and ingenious renditions on the piano of the sounds of various Armenian folk instruments (Tar,nay,dap,...); all of which served to transpose traditional folk music the realm of classical music. With their distinctive particularities in content, form, and style, these compositions contributed to the process of coloring the music of the west-in particular European piano literature at the begining of the 20th century(Debussy,Ravel,Bartok)with the sounds of the East. and rural and folkloric themes. Original and unique to the “Dances” are the accentuation(the musical accents are sometimes unusual, fast and varied),the articulation ,and the detailing of performance instruction. these features were adopted by the most modern western European contemporaries of Komitas (composers such as Arnold Schoenberg)and were reflected in their work. Lusine Grigoryan was born in Gyumri, Armenia. She started to play the piano when she was three years old. Her music studies started at the music school of Akhuryan, in the class of Anna Juharyan, then continued in the Kara-Murza Music College of Gyumri, in the class of Ada Sanoyan. Lusine then studied at the Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory, Department of Piano, and later completed her graduate studies (aspirantura) under Professor Robert Shugarov. Her solo concerts on the stages of different countries have always brought her high praise from both musicians and the general public. Parallel to classical music, Lusine also studies folk music. She has thoroughly researched the works of Komitas and Bela Bartók, and while performing them, has been true to the specifics of folk music. Her interpretation of Komitas' works is unique, original, and at the same time, faithful -to the most possible extent- to Komitas' instructions. Musical experts and newspapers have praised Lusine's performance.

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