Film Music By Maurice Jarre

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Catalog: SIL-CD-2010
Format: CD

With 10 splendid film scores represented, it would be crass to complain about the scores left out of this collection of film music by Maurice Jarre performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by either Nic Raine or Paul Bateman. After all, how many people know or care about the 21 scores Jarre composed for French films before he won an Academy Award for "Lawrence of Arabia"? And while some listeners may miss his music for "The Longest Day" or "Jacob's Ladder" or "The Dead Poet's Society", most will be pleased and satisfied by the well-chosen excerpts contained here. Indeed, with the thundering drums and heroic harmonies of "Lawrence of Arabia", the wordless choir and radiant melodies of Prelude and The Birth of Christ from "Jesus of Nazareth", the jaunty march and witty juxtapositions of The Man Who Would Be King, and the closing sweeping strings and romantic theme of "Doctor Zhivago", Jarre's best work is all here in well-played, convincingly conducted, and superbly recorded performances. Fans of the composer who don't have the time or interest to dig into the full soundtracks will get their fill here, while film music fans who don't already know Jarre's music will get a fine introduction to his work. ~ James Leonard, Rovi

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