Thomas Pitfield

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Richard Simpson Benedict Holland Heather Wallington Jennifer Langridge John Turner Lesley-Jane Rogers

"Thomas Pitfield: His Friends & Contemporaries” pays homage to the multifaceted talent of Thomas Baron Pitfield (1903-1999). Pitfield was not just a composer; he embodied the essence of a Renaissance man, excelling in various fields including teaching, visual arts, poetry, writing, furniture making, and ornithology. Despite his immense talents, Pitfield remained modest and unassuming, dedicating himself to nurturing the gifts of his students at the Royal Manchester College of Music, where he taught composition from 1947 onwards. This album sheds light on Pitfield’s contributions to the classical music landscape, showcasing his compositions alongside those of his contemporaries including John Joubert, E. J. Moeran, Ernst Hermann Meyer, John McCabe, and many more. While Pitfield’s name may not be as widely recognized as some of his peers from the “Manchester School,” such as Richard Hall, his music exudes charm, wit, and inventiveness that captivate listeners. In an era marked by the emergence of modernist compositions, Pitfield chose to traverse the middle ground, creating music that resonates with its timeless appeal. Throughout his tenure as a composition teacher, Pitfield played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of notable composers like John McCabe, David Ellis, and John Golland, the latter of whom also shared a close personal friendship with Pitfield. Despite being somewhat overshadowed by the achievements of his contemporaries, Pitfield’s legacy lives on through a revival of interest in his music. The album offers a glimpse into Pitfield’s musical world, featuring a selection of chamber and instrumental works that highlight his artistic vision and craftsmanship. Pitfield’s compositions are filled with elegance, lyricism, and emotional depth. His music not only showcases his technical skill but also reflects his genuine love for the art form and his dedication to inspiring future generations of musicians. Moreover, the album serves as a tribute to Pitfield’s enduring influence on his peers and students. His selfless encouragement and mentorship left an indelible mark on those he taught, fostering a sense of camaraderie among composers and musicians. Pitfield’s generosity of spirit and unwavering commitment to excellence resonate throughout the album, underscoring his legacy as both an artist and an educator. This double album celebrates the life and work of a remarkable individual whose contributions to the world of classical music extend far beyond his compositions. Through this album, listeners will rediscover the brilliance of Thomas Baron Pitfield and the rich music woven by his friends and contemporaries."

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