Roberta Vacca: Note Di Gusto (live)

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Catalog: TC962201

Nisi, Angela; Mazzocchetti, Alessandro; Polia, Patrizia; Ensemble del Città Sant'Angelo Music Festival; Catrani, Laura

‘Note di gusto – musimenù all’italiana’ is a culinary-based musical project for 3 recitative-singing voices and an ensemble. The three sopranos represent the historical ‘division’ of the Italian peninsula (North/Centre/South). Besides each singing a song linked to their own home region, they share their recipes, thus creating a common thread aimed at uniting their voices at least through an ‘ideal’ Italian cuisine. They sing 20 recipes, one from each Italian region, born of tradition, chosen and collected by me based on purely ‘emotional’ criteria, which link my personal imaginative powers to my culinary (and musical) experience in each region. All the recipes were set to music with the initial inspiration being the linguistic idiom in which they were ‘told’, testimonies of popular oral culture linked to the musical matrix of a song which for me was particularly representative and identifiable with each region. This is a true regional recipe book highlighting different territorial traditions, a showcase of music and singing from north to south, from east to west, following where possible geographical regional borders in a search for the immense wealth and vast cultural musical and culinary heritage. (Roberta Vacca)

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