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Label: SIG
Catalog: SIGCD792

Simon Haram Ruth Wall Joby Burgess Clare Hammond Ruth Wall Graham Fitkin Graham Fitkin Sacconi Quartet

"LOOSENING" is a double album featuring five works by award-winning composer GRAHAM FITKIN. Each piece revolves around the string quartet as its core, accompanied by its own additional soloist. The string quartet, a homogenous group with timbrally similar instruments, embodies a rich history and tradition, creating a well-honed sound through trusted communication and shared purpose. In each composition, the roles of the quartet and soloist are clearly defined. Both protagonists offer distinct perspectives and approaches to the material, influencing each other throughout the works. These approaches often evolve, with the quartet either focusing more on individual constituents or integrating the soloist into their ensemble to create a larger group dynamic. This album comprises world premiere recordings, with four of the five works never previously recorded. The fifth piece is a new arrangement, also making its debut recording. Notably, "DISTIL" was awarded the prestigious Royal Philharmonic Society Prize for Chamber Works in 2015.

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