Au Douz Tens Nouvel. Chansons De Trouvères

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Label: Ricercar
Catalog: RIC465

Bündgen, Paulin; Coutouly, Clara; Ensemble Céladon

The trouvères followed in the footsteps of the troubadours, spreading their songs of love from court to court and thus made their own contribution to the idea of medieval courtly love. Written in the langue d'oïl, the ancestor of modern French, the songs presented here evoke not only the inaccessible Lady who is worthy of praise but also the little peasant girl who is courted with far less delicacy. An entire world, courtly, colorful, and festive, is portrayed in songs to the Virgin, weaving songs, songs evoking spring, and chansons à refrain by Guiot de Dijon, Moniot d'Arras, Gautier de Coincy, Thibaut de Champagne, and even the trouveresse Maroie de Diergnau.

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