Duarte: Complete Works For Guitar Quartet

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Catalog: BRI96443

Quartetto Santórsola

John W. Duarte was not only one of the most prolific composers for the solo classic guitar in the 20th century; he was also concerned with the instrument in an ensemble context. He made a lasting contribution to the concept and musical chemistry of the guitar quartet, a much-neglected feature until his innovations. This area of his creative work proved something of a goldmine for both professional quartets and educational settings where the guitar was taught as a serious instrument, worthy of deep study, and indeed for Summer Schools worldwide. In this, the composer offered arrangements and original works of taste and delicacy, a hitherto unprecedented development in the expanding repertoire of the guitar. This fourth installment in Brilliant Classics’ series dedicated to the vast and precious guitar oeuvre of John W. Duarte provides a complete survey of the composer’s music for four guitars. This sub-set of his guitar music is in itself greatly varied in style but of consistently superb quality. Disc one contains music he originally composed for this ensemble, and disc two features his arrangements (many of them of his own compositions) for guitar quartet. Duarte explained that his own stylistic eclecticism derived from improvisation, with composition being a slower form of improvisation benefitting from time to reconsider and to refine the product: ‘What one hears becomes translatable into “playback” action and/or, given a knowledge of musical theory, comprehensible. It can provide a direct route to eclecticism – one may adopt what one chooses into one’s own bloodstream and bypass what one feels foreign to one’s own nature. For this reason, I have never had one immediately identifiable style and have happily lived with a wide variety of idioms.’

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