Lechner: Of Death And Resurrection

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Label: Coviello
Catalog: COV92409

Wiegrabe, Henning; Capricornus Ensemble Stuttgart

The theme of death and resurrection, especially in its interpretation as the blessed prospect of a devout life, is a central topos of Protestant belief which consequently became a fertile source of inspiration for composers of sacred music. This statement is particularly pertinent for Leonhard Lechner who converted to Protestantism at the age of 18 and was described in his funeral sermon as a learned theologian. Lechner was born in South Tirol in 1553 and enjoyed an excellent education at the Munich court ensemble under Orlando di Lasso. After his conversion, he settled in Nuremberg and married the widow of the city wait, Dorothea Kast. Due to his excellent reputation, he received the title archimusicus and a corresponding high salary and acquired numerous important political and artistic connections. In 1583, he achieved an even more elevated position when he was appointed as the kapellmeister of the (Roman Catholic) Count Eitel Friedrich IV of Hohenzollern. Admittedly, he left this post just a year later and applied for the position of kapellmeister in Dresden which unleashed a furious dispute with his former employer who ruined his chances of being appointed in Dresden. Lechner fl ed to the court ensemble of Duke Ludwig von W├╝rttemberg in Stuttgart where he achieved his appointment as kapellmeister a few years later. In this position, he undertook great efforts to extend the dimensions and raise the musical standard of the ensemble. He was plagued by illness during the last few years of his life and died in 1606.

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